A Drink For Numerous Occasions

Purchase Your Favorite Beverage

Whether you are at a sporting event, neighborhood party, or you just want to relax after a long day, beer is the perfect way to properly enjoy the moment. Many liquor stores offer beer, but their selection is sparse and generalized to your geographic location. Here at Plazma Liquor, however, we offer numerous selections of both domestic and international selections.


Types Of Beers Offered At Plazma Liquor & Deli

  • Large-Scale Domestics
  • Large-Scale Imports
  • Local Craft Beers
  • National Craft Beers
  • Ability To Order In Any Beers Not Currently Available In-Store

Whether it’s game night or you’re hosting a barbecue, beer is a must-have. You can find all your favorite brands at Plazma Liquor Store & Deli. Privileged to be a well-known establishment in the greater Glassboro area, we make it easy to keep the drinks flowing and the good vibes going.

Shop Your Favorite Brands

We know you’re on a schedule and you don’t have a bunch of time to visit several places on your beer quest. As shopkeepers who genuinely love what we do, it’s a point of pride for us to meet your needs. We carry all of the most popular domestic and craft beers.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll order it in. You can even call ahead and make an order, and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive.

We Look Forward to Seeing You

Offering world-class selection with a small-town care, Plazma Liquor Store and Deli is sure to become your favorite place for all things delicious. Come on in and see what we have or call ahead and we’ll have your order ready when you roll up.

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