Whether it’s peppermint schnapps to put in holiday hot chocolate or tequila for a summer extravaganza, you’ll find exactly what you need at Plazma Liquor and Deli. A well-known center for everything delicious in Glassboro, we pride ourselves on unbeatable selection and friendly service.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Liquor Store

Thanks to more than three decades of experience in procuring and selling fine liquors for the fine people of Glassboro, we have a nuanced collection that’s sure to satisfy your needs. Visit us today to shop the industry’s best brands!

If you have a special request, we can easily and quickly order it in for you. Best of all, we’re a deli, too, so you can pick up snacks and prove, once again, that you’re the best host of all time.

See You Soon!

For us, running Plazma Liquor and Deli is about enriching the lives of those in our community. When you need a detailed selection, great prices, and friendly customer service, this is the place to shop. Let us know if we can order anything special for you, and we’ll make sure you get what you need.